Chevy Volt vs Nissan Leaf Financial Times Article

Check out this article Sparks fly as Volt and Leaf pick up speed in the Financial Times.  While the discussion should be fairly basic to long time Electric Car Enthusiasts, it’s very cool that the discussion is getting out to the mass market now.

You’ll need to register for free to view the article, but here’s a little snippet.

Patrick Wang and Ken Muir are both electric car enthusiasts. But when it comes to buying one, Mr Wang, manager at

Chevy Volt Battery Cooling Systems & Algorithms

While at the Dublin Chevrolet Open House, I had a chance to speak with Keith Buford, a hybrid powertrain cooling systems algorithm engineer.  We had an interesting and fascinating discussion about the Volt, its development and of course some of the engineering that went into the actual battery and power electronics cooling systems in the Volt.  You can see a nice 8 minute segment of the chat I had with Keith at the bottom of this post. 

As many already …

The Chevrolet Cruze at Dublin Chevrolet

While the Chevy Volt gets most of the press and publicity given its revolutionary technology and design, the often overshadowed but probably much more important vehicle the Chevrolet Cruze sits quietly alongside.  The Chevy Volt and Cruze share the same Delta compact platform (conventionally what we would describe as a large compact or a small mid-size vehicle) but the Cruze is a traditional gasoline only compact.   While most of us like to think primarily of the hot new cars out …

The Chevrolet Volt at Dublin Chevrolet

Dublin Chevrolet, which is one of the larger Chevrolet Cadillac dealerships in the San Francisco East Bay hosted a day long Chevy Volt / Chevy Cruze Event where they had the latest pre-production Volt and Cruze on display for the general public to view, get in, sit down and do everything short of drive away in it.  I’ll have a separate post on my photos and videos of the Chevrolet Cruze.

I went to the Saturday Open House and …