Chevy Volt Accessories

Check out the newest GM official Chevrolet Volt Accessories here.  Below you’ll find photos and a short description of each Chevy Volt Accessory.  You can purchase these accessories through any Chevrolet Volt Dealership.  Information on how to purchase later in the article.  I currently personally own both flootmats, the sunshade and the cargo net which I’ll be posting pictures of soon! 

  • Chevy Volt Sunshade
  • Chevy Volt All Weather Floormats
  • Chevy Volt Cargo Net
  • Chevy Volt Rear Seat Storage Compartment
  • Chevy

Chevy Volt Gas Mileage and Energy Efficiency

I just received my first monthly “diagnostic” from Onstar/MyVolt on 1/20/2011 and included in it along with some basic check on the Vehicle’s status, scheduled maintenance estimates, etc was a summary of my Energy Efficiency and Gas Mileage.

I’ll be using this post as a means of tracking my lifetime energy efficiency, and gasoline usage.  The above is self explanatory, but I will but some additional notes below.

My electric only energy usage while driving the volt is 40 Kwh …

Chevrolet Voltage Featured Video

If you haven’t already seen this video production on Chevrolet Voltage check it out!  It’s a nice quick video documenting when I picked up Volt #10 from Concord Chevrolet on December 20th, 2010. 

If you haven’t seen my other post on being the First Chevrolet Volt Buyer in Northern California, check it out here


Chevy Volt Early Public Charging Sessions

Last weekend, I was in San Jose and decided to park at the City Hall Garage in order to utilize the ChargePoint America Public Charging Station. Unfortunately it was only a 110 charging station so I did not get a full charge out of it but my session did put about 10 miles of charge into the Volt.

The first attempt however in the wee hours of the morning did not go completely smoothly. I had a ChargePass Card ready …

Chevrolet Volt Level 2 Charging Equipment 240v Installation, Costs, Rebates, and Incentives (updated)

-Jump to Update from 1/5/2011

 Original Post from 12/26/2010

On Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 just two days after I picked my #10 Chevrolet Volt from the Concord Chevrolet Dealership, the Electrician came to install my Coulomb 240v CT 500 Level 2 EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) I will break down the entire process here, but at the end of the day it cost me $400 out of pocket and an afternoon to get the equipment installed – …