Chevy Volt Miles Per Gallon Summary – First Gas Station Visit

1131 Miles – This was how far I made it in my Chevrolet Volt before I had to buy my first drop of gasoline.  In my most recent 55 mile trip down the peninsula of the SF Bay area I managed to turn the Chevy Volt’s Gas light on.  This happened right as the Volt hit 30 estimated miles remaining as the gas icon normally followed by an estimated range remaining turned yellow and stopped giving you mileage.  It was …

First Chevy Volt Electricity Bill (PG&E)

update 07/28/2012:

If you are unfamiliar with KwH’s and time of use rates etc and want to understand the basics of how to calculate How much it costs to charge a Chevy Volt – check out that linked article before reading about time of use rates below.

Original Post

Today, I received my first Chevy Volt Electricity Bill under the PG&E Time of Use rates for electric vehicles today (specifically the E-9A). Below are the specific Details

01/01/2011 – …