California AB 475 & Public EV Charging Etiquette, Laws

It’s very exciting to be part of a new EV movement that is so far forward on the cutting edge of society that we are finally starting to see legislation and policy start to catch up with the reality of new technology developments.  One of the laws currently being considered by the state of California is effectively an update to EV Public charging stations and their use.  Technically right now, California law requires that a ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) i.e. …

Chevy Volt / EV Meet & Greet @ GM Advanced Tech Center (Videos, Articles and Recap! -updated!)

updated 08/10/2011:

The First Bay Area Volt/EV Meet Up Got a little news coverage and a nice summary video!  Check out the article below from Clean Fleet Report.

And Also a Great Video/Recap of the Event at

Original Post:

Thank you all who came to the event on Saturday August 6th!  I had a great time and hope you all did too.  You can find some photos in the gallery and at the end of this post.

We …