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Chevy Volt Dealers

Updated: 6/12/2011 – new available dealer search information

Chevrolet Volt at the Dublin, CA Dealership

As an update to the old spreadsheet, you can now search for participating Chevy Volt Dealers through the link below.  Not all Chevrolet Dealers carry Chevy Volts even in the areas where the Volts are being sold.

You can check which dealers have Chevy Volt Allocations here


It is still up to you however to negotiate terms, packaging, allocations, etc with your dealer.  Some dealers will be marking up beyond MSRP, though many dealers are only charging MSRP, so don’t think that you have to pay a premium just because a dealer asks for it.  Shop around!  You might build a good relationship with a reputable dealer – they seem to remember their Volt Customers, seeing how few there are.  They also know you’ll be coming back for service (who else can service Volts?) so they should have a good reason to treat you nicely.

Original 2011 Chevy Volt Dealer Information

The Chevy Volt will launch in 5 major market areas.  California, Michigan amd Washington DC are planned for Late 2010, while Austin and New York will follow shortly.

2011 Volt availability will be extremely limited as only 10,000 vehicles are scheduled to be produced for the entire calendar year – for the entire country.  As such, you’ve probably heard stories of dealers charging exorbitant premiums.  If you are in the market for the Volt, I encourage you to shop around, despite the fact that there is limited supply, some dealers will sell at MSRP.  Check out my post on my order at Concord Chevrolet, which was done at MSRP on day one.

You can find a full list of participating Volt dealers here – however bear in mind that not all dealers will get the same Volt allocation any many will not get them in 2010.  Ask your dealers specifically how much allocation they have, when they will get it and what has been sold.  (Dealers know how many Volts they are getting the first 6 calendar months vs the last 6 calendar months.

If you are thinking of walking into a dealer to find a Volt in stock – you’ll not likely have much luck for the next 2 calendar years at least.  Dealers will get demo models of the Volt before sales commence, but these will not be saleable units.  If you are serious about a Volt, your only real chance of getting one is to order a “Pre-Sold Unit” aka Factory Order.  Which a Volt dealer can place for you once you negotiate price.

2 Responses to “Chevy Volt Dealers”

  1. George Armaniaco says:

    I have 2 to 3 order slots available and maybe one cancelled order
    please call me at 201 261 9005

    George Armaniaco

  2. Robert Johnson says:

    What is status today, Sept. 2011? If I were to order a Volt today from you, do you have an opinion on when it might be delivered?
    I live in Salt Lake City and am working with Jerry Seiner who has a demo Volt and thinks he can factory order.


    RR Johnson

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