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Chevy Volt Trim & Color Options

Updated: 06/12/2011 – added information on 2012 Chevy Volt Trim and Color Options

2012 Chevrolet Volt Information

2012 Chevy Volt Colors

The 2012 Chevrolet Volt brings a few new changes to the color lineup.  The exterior now has 7 color options, adding summit white and blue topaz metallic to the lineup, while dropping cyber gray metallic.  The 7 colors are shown below (blue topaz and summit white will be posted soon).

2012chevyvoltexteriorcolor1 2012chevyvoltexteriorcolor2

2012 Chevy Volt Interior Trim

The 2012 Chevy Volt adds one additional interior trim to the mix with Jet black and Spice Red Inserts and seat trims.  See the full lineup below.

2012chevyvoltinteriorcolor1 2012chevyvoltinteriorcolor2

See the Official 2012 Chevrolet Volt Ordering Guide Here

2011 Chevrolet Volt Information

2011 Chevy Volt Colors

The 2011 Chevy Volt comes with 6 optional exterior colors, shown below with names respectively.

Chevy Volt Paint Colors, Silver Ice Metallic, Black, and Crystal Red Tintcoat Chevy Volt Paint Colors, White Diamond Tricoat, Cyber Gray Metallic, and Viridian Joule

The Colors Silver Ice Metallic (GAN), Black (GBA), and Cyber Gray Metallic (GBV) are available at no additional charge.  The Crystal Red Tintcoat (GBE) is an additional $495 option, while the White Diamond Tricoat (GBN) and Viridian Joule Tricoat (GLC) is a $995 option.

2011 Chevy Volt Interior Trim – Base Model

The Chevy Volt comes with 5 optional interior trim configurations.  1 base model one with jet black cloth seats and ceramic white center console shown below. (Order Code: AFA)

Base Model Volt Trim, Cloth Black on White Console

2011 Chevy Volt Interior Trim – Premium Trim

There are 4 premium trim options available

  1. Jet Black Seats with White Center Console/Accents (and special door panel trim) – (Order Code AFE)
  2. Jet Black & Green Seats with Dark Center Console/Accents (With Green Door Trim) – (Order Code AFC)
  3. Light Neutral Leather with Dark Center Console/Accents (With Neutral Door Trim) – (Order Code AFF)
  4. Jet Black Seats with Dark Center Console / Accents – (Order Code AFI)

All of the premium trim sets are an additional $1395 and include heated leather seats, leather steering wheel and door trims – all are shown below.

Volt Premium Trims, Jet Black on White, Jet Black on Green, Neutral on Black Console and Black on Black Console

More 2011 Chevrolet Volt Interior Views

Here is a quick shot of the AFC interior I got while at the Chevy Volt Unplugged Tour in Los Angeles

10 Responses to “Chevy Volt Trim & Color Options”

  1. Steve says:

    I hope these pictures are not accurate. The White Diamond Tricoat looks far too dark for anyone who lives in a hot climate, and it’s the best of the bunch. Are they still planning on a black roof?

    I guess that means a summertime electric range of 15 or 20 miles.

  2. PatrickZWang says:

    The White Diamond does come out a little dark on the site – if you check with any other GM dealer it’s the pearly white they have on most models now. AFAIK however the two tone – black roof is going to be all vehicles.

    As far as range under hot conditions, to give a reference point I was driving the red Volt in 92 degree humid Michigan Summer and it gave about 32 miles electric under Full AC. So expect a little less than that if you are running hotter than that.

    • Steve says:

      Too bad. The black roof is the critical part for cabin temperature. The rest of the car doesn’t matter much.

      Yes, much hotter here, although not nearly so humid.

      I could live with just about any color body, if they’d only let me have a white roof. Guess I’ll wait a year and see if they get a clue. If your car performance depends on climate, you should really allow the options to maximize that performance rather than limiting it.

      • danwat1234 says:

        Luckily the 2013+ Chevy Volts have roofs that are painted the same color as the rest of the metal of the vehicle, so not always a black roof.

  3. Savannah says:

    I agree with Steve. Get a white roof please!!! You want us to buy these in California correct?

  4. grtdane says:

    Black roofs? Here in Florida that will be a big turn off…

    anybody thought of solar panels for trickle charging?

    • TDerf says:

      Now that makes so much sense!

      • paul says:

        I asked Chev about this and they said it would be far to expensive ..I said that it could be added as an optional extra ? … No further comment….

        Can we not just add a panel ourselves in the parcel shelf at the back and plug in to a power point in the car ?

        • Joseph says:

          A few of problems with this otherwise clever idea: the added weight of the solar panel in the back will reduce your efficiency while driving. Second, the cells in the panel are connected in series and should be exposed to the same amount of sunlight since there’s no bypass diodes between the cells. This is difficult if the panel is inside the car with C-pillars casting shade. Partial illumination will lead to overheating of the shadowed cells. There have been several house roofs that caught on fire due to this problem. Also, you will be tempted to always park the car in the sun – causing it to be hot when you return to drive it. Overall, not a good solution.

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