Online gambling and road safety: motorists are reluctant to take part

Online gambling and road safety

Often decried by parents, online games have never enjoyed unanimous support from the general public. Generation X believes that such entertainment brings a number of inconveniences, particularly in terms of road safety. Although subjective, a recent study once again questions the dangerousness of smartphones in the car.

Video games are said to impair the judgement of young drivers

This study was conducted in the last quarter of 2019. It shows that the general public’s opinion of online gaming. The motorists who participated in the survey believe that this entertainment is changing the perception of reality. Nearly 47% of those who responded to the interview believe that they convey a biased view among young drivers. About 4 out of 10 people say that virtual entertainment makes Generation Z much cooler. This kind of laxity, typical of the millennia, puts other road users at risk. The general public simply accuses the video game industry of distorting youth behaviour. In fact, the same survey reports that TV series and films also give this distorted image of reality. This study conducted in France highlights the reticence of generations X and Y towards online games.

That said, a portion of the interviewees believe that young drivers have the right to choose their entertainment. They should legitimately opt for the games they like. In any case, 11% of the responses were in favour of this freedom. They believe that 18-24 year olds should continue to explore the world in their own way. It would therefore be preferable to give them the opportunity to find out for themselves the difference between reality and the world of video games. That said, their brains are still developing until their mid-twenties. At that point, they will have to be supervised without setting limits. On the other hand, “adult” drivers have been exposed to films about car rodeos, but few of them have become speed freaks.

Choosing the right time and duration of connected play

The problem with online games would be their addictive side. They take up the attention. This happens especially at the wrong time. Some motorists are even tempted to play a game of “Player Underground” or have fun with another similar title in the middle of traffic jams. And the mere fact that the passenger sitting next to the driver is playing can affect his or her concentration. Ideally, the screen should be kept out of his or her field of vision. The World Health Organisation has recently indicated the possibility of recognising addiction to virtual entertainment as a real pathology. It leads to various disorders, particularly in terms of visual acuity. Real gamers can spend more than 10 hours having fun. Eye fatigue is such that the person can put themselves in danger after a whole day of indulging in their passion.

The psychologist Michael Stora announced in an interview with a television crew that one must learn to identify the problem with sufficient hindsight. The doctor, who specialises in digital worlds, warns of a form of parallel universe into which young people take refuge. Although this phenomenon concerns only a tiny minority, it is on the increase. The connection with road safety would be the emergence of behavioural addiction. At this stage, the person’s attitude is altered in a generalised manner. He or she may have incomprehensible reactions while driving a car or motorbike. The breakdown of social ties can also make the person a withdrawn motorist.